Trivago Hotel Test: Get Paid for Your Extended Stay


Trivago is a major hotel-meta search engine. Their international versions have been running a “hotel test” program that pays you (up to $120) for reviewing hotels you stay at. In some cases the incentive pay significantly exceeds the price of the room. The program has been around for awhile but it hasn’t received much attention on English language deal sites.

The list of hotels is fairly limited and only for specific dates. You can see the  complete set of listings at

Overall this is quite a nice deal. We see offers where you can even make $70 for a one-night stay including the cost of the room. In most cases the all-in price beats existing promotion codes/cash back offers.


How to become a mystery hotel tester


Signing up as a hotel tester

1. Registration: Under “Sign up as hotel tester,” users can register as a hotel tester with their name and email address.
2. Hotel Booking: The tester is shown various booking offers for the hotel stay. S/he arranges the booking online and sends the booking confirmation to
3. Complete Hotel Test: The tester fills out a questionnaire before the stay and another one afterward.
4. Receive Incentive: After the hotel tester submits the completed questionnaires online which are checked by trivago, the tester enters his/her bank information and will receive the cash bonus within 14 days.

Additional information
The pay is per stay regardless of the number of nights. So 1 day stays are best.
Pre-stay test takes about 10 minutes and main questionnaire 45. So up to $120 value for an hours work. Both are completed online using a link you are emailed.
Only one person can be a hotel tester per stay.
You get paid directly to your bank account within 14 days of completing the questionnaire.
You can only test one hotel per month and must wait at least a year before testing the same hotel again.

Voila! You’re in!

Example Hotel Test Screen