Starbucks Summer Game: Free Drinks!

Free Starbucks drinks are great when traveling! Hope our readers are not spending any more time or money on this promotion than they have to. Cheers!

Starbucks Rewards is the coffee companies incentive program. Members earn perks such as free refills and accrue “stars” through purchases that can later be redeemed for free drinks. The earning rates aren’t great, but they regularly feature contests so you can earn stars and prizes without purchase.

Right now they are running the 2018 ‘Starbucks Summer Game’ and distributing tens of millions of stars for free through participation and lottery drawings.

You can earn 3 entries per day without any purchase.

Starbucks Summer Game Boardwalk 2018

These are the steps you will fall each day. Once before 2pm and once after 2pm.
1: Login to your Starbucks Rewards Account
2: Click on Play the Game!
3: Scroll down until you see “no purchase necessary” and then click to enter.
4: Fill out your name and address
5: Choose the Purchase you want an Entry for (Before 2 PM or After 2 PM)
6: Check your email to activate your entry and play

The 2017 Summer Game

The structure of the game is a multi-level game ladder played by  dice rolls “shakes” that move you 1-6 spaces down the board. Each stop gives a result- another free shake, free stars, a random message, etc. Each day that you sign in you will receive free plays. For more plays you need to complete various “challenges” through purchases at different times, places, etc. There are options for bonus plays though the game frustratingly obscures your actual options.

So, the two ways to play the game.
1: Spend hours of your time and a significant amount of money completing various grueling purchase related tasks. “Make a purchase of more than $12” “Make 4 separate purchases on a Sunday” Etc.
2: Choose the “no purchase necessary” option for each challenge and (hopefully) complete the entire game in about an hour for free.

We recommend #2.

It’s as easy as….

1: Sign up for the game 

2: Use your free daily plays

3: Select the no purchase option at the bottom of the screen
Starbucks Summer Game Step 2

4: Select the first game and complete the form twice per game. Opening up two tabs at: seems quickest.

Starbucks Summer Game Step 3

5: Open your email, click the links and use your new free plays.

6: Repeat the no purchase option twice for the next game

7: Continue advancing levels, accruing stars, and winning entries into the big drawings.

Starbucks Summer Game Step 4

8: Done!
Starbucks Summer Game Step 5 Complete