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This page is a daily overview of the best hotel deals currently available on the internet. As the main source for bargains online our content is often copied by other websites and discussion boards. The vast majority of the hotel deals here were found by us, and when they aren’t we always give credit where it is due. If you have questions, want to learn more about how we got started and where these deals come from check out our FAQ and booking guide.

This page is updated most days to add new content and remove deals we know are expired. As you peek around we have a couple things we’d like you to know about using this site and booking.

5 things to keep in mind about these hotel deals

1: These are often limited time and/or limited room offers. Within minutes of posting there are hundreds of hotel deal hunters browsing this page. Everything we post is available to book when we post it, but the hottest finds will sell out in minutes.

2: When posting a hotel offer, we include a selection of dates we know are available, but it is worth checking for yourself for other dates. We can’t possibly look at every booking site and date combination. There may be more dates available than we list, but there will never be less!

3: Don’t assume a deal is sold out simply because one or more dates are unavailable. It’s worth it to keep trying for other dates!

4: Sometimes a deal is only available if you search based on 1 person or 2 people. We will post this if we know this to be the case, but sometimes we get surprised too 😉

5: Our ‘Book Now’ link will often direct you to TripAdvisor for you to complete the booking. TripAdvisor is a meta-search engine, a site that searches and displays rates from many booking sites. So from there you can choose the booking website you like best, such as Typically, deals are available on multiple sites at once, and then become unavailable in a staggered way site by site. Using a meta-search engine, like TripAdvisor, avoids the need to open up a dozen separate pages.

Common booking advice from the travel deal community

1: If you are able to commit now to specific travel dates, you should book non-refundable rates and pay upfront when you book. Booking in this way is often cheapest and you have slightly more protection in the infrequent cases in which sellers attempt to renege on publicly advertised rates.

2: Use a credit card. In general, credit cards give better consumer protections than debit cards.

3: It is a good idea to take screenshots of the price being offered, the room details, and the final confirmation screen when booking. These documents will help protect you, especially in the slim chance that the room’s rate is adjusted while you are in the process of completing the transaction.

4: If you book a deal that seems too good to be true, hold off on making additional travel arrangements (such as buying a plane ticket) for as long as you can. Although this is not the usual experience, except in case of obvious price mistakes, there are cases where a dispute will arise as to the rate. It can save you some hassle by avoiding other bookings until you know your room is secured.

Hotel Deal at Embassy Suites by Hilton Baltimore Inner Harbor $98

Centrally located downtown Baltimore walking distance to the Inner Harbor and National Aquarium. 3 room suite with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, separate living room, dining table, sofa bed, and mini kitchen.  Nice hotel deal for a group or family. Only $117 including taxes for 4 adults & 2 children. Hotel reviews are very good.

To book click the link below, enter your dates, and select “Embassy Suites.” We see the deal available most dates June 2, 2019 – August 27, 2019. Other dates may be available.

Cheap Flight Deals

We decided to create a table of recent cheap flight deals published by other sites. This automatically updates 2x daily. As best we can these source to the original publishers.

Our experience with flight sites is that things are trending in a bad direction. We find ourselves having to check multiple sites daily to see what is newly available. There is a lot of package/cruise/hotel “offers” that aren’t actually deals. There’s ridiculous repetitions of the same almost always available Iceland low cost carrier prices. Increasingly sites are click baiting with prices that don’t include costs for carry-on baggage. There are way too many ads. A lot of the sites copy each other in a way which wastes everyone’s time. Even the aggregating sites are adding sponsored content, ads, and weird booking channels.

To see the list click the button below. We will be changing the functionality soon.

Holiday Inn Dubai – Al Barsha $10-50

Single date deal.  Multiple room types are on sale including suites and club access. Well reviewed hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road near the Mall of the Emirates.

Hotel reviews are very good.

To book click the button below and enter your dates. Right now we only see the deal available on February 16, 2019. Other dates may be available!

Holiday Inn Express Manzanillo Mexico $22

Huge multi-date deal for super cheap IHG stay credit. Financial district hotel.

Hotel reviews are excellent.

To book click the button below and enter your dates. Right now we only see the deal most date between March 2019 – June 2019. Other dates may be available!

$75 Off $300+ Expedia Hotels using Mastercard

Decent hotel deal that will stack with some of the offers we post. For regular bookings beats the currently available codes and most member site prices for the eligible hotels. Promocode: MASTERCARD75

“Add your Mastercard® to your Expedia® account and get $75 off instantly when you book a qualifying hotel on using your Mastercard.” Lots of usual caveats: $300 minimum spend pre taxes. Only stand-alone hotel bookings made at or through the app, must be prepaid using a valid Mastercard® debit or card. Hotel exclusions.

Click the button below to visit Expedia.

Kempinski Hotel Nay Pyi Taw Myanmar $179

Premier Suite. 1313 sq ft. Breakfast included. Near the Gem Museum, Myanmar International Congress Center, and Junction Nay Pyi Taw Shopping Centre.

Hotel reviews are excellent. This is TripAdvisor’s top rated hotel in Naypyidaw

To book click the button below and enter your dates. Right now we see the deal available May and June 2019. Other dates are likely available as we haven’t checked extensively.

Crowne Plaza French Quarter New Orleans

French Quarter hotel phenomenal location: Canal St. at Bourbon. Right now IHG is offering suites at the hotel for the same amount of points as a standard room. Including 2 bed suite with a separate bedroom and living area. Note that this will only be a great redemption value during expensive times of the year to visit.

Hotel reviews are excellent.

To book click the button below and enter your dates. Example deal dates with availability: May 2019

Waldorf Astoria Grand Wailea Maui Hawaii $867-$1100

Huge multi-date deal in ultra luxury Maui Resort. Short walk to Wailea beach. Two-story private villas are each “3,200 – 4,000 sq. ft. and beautifully decorated, with luxurious touches like granite countertops, custom Italian cabinetry and a generous Great Room with vaulted ceilings. Guests also enjoy the benefit of a dedicated Concierge.” Price includes all taxes and resort fee.

Hotel reviews are excellent.

To book click the button below, enter your dates, and select “” Right now we see the deal on September 24, 25 January 25, 26, 29, 2019. Other dates may be available.

*If you are having trouble finding the deal search dates individually!*

Crowne Plaza Shanghai Anting China $290 | -70%

Outstanding rate to visit Anting. Shanghai Jiading District. Premium Suites are on sale including Presidential Suite and Residence Suite. Presidential Suite located on the top floor of the hotel. Includes club lounge access. Residence Suite is a Spacious 2 Bedroom Apartment with apartment with kitchenette and dining area

Hotel reviews are excellent. TripAdvisor Rated #78 of 5,387 Hotels in Shanghai

To book click the button below and enter your dates. Right now we see the deal on October 26-November 15, 2018. Other dates may also be available.

Hilton Crystal City at Washington Reagan National Airport $106 | -50%

Arlington Virginia hotel with a free shuttle to Ronald Reagan National Airport. Premium Suites on sale including Governors Suite and Junior Executive Suites. Includes club lounge access. Hotel reviews are excellent.

To book click the button below, enter your dates, and select Hilton. Right now we see the deal on a lot of dates including December 21, 28, 29, January 4, 5, June 29, July 5, 6, 2019

Hampton Inn Amelia Island Florida $151 -52%+

Romantic vacation getaway in the picturesque village of Fernandina Beach. Victorian-style hotel deal overlooking the waterway.

Amazing rate for the best suite at the hotel. The Presidential Suite is a spacious two rooms with fireplace, separate seating area, and tub. The reviews are excellent highlighting how much is in walking distance, the views, and the many included amenities such as free wifi, breakfast, and parking. About four dozen restaurants are within 1/4 mile. When this suite sells out the Princess Suite may also represent a good value.

To book click the button below, enter your dates, and then select HamptonInn. This deal continues to pop up for a variety of dates. Right now we see March 14, 21, 24, 25, 28, 31, April 1, 9, 14, 15, 21, May 9. 23, 28, 2019

Amazing Wyndham Point Redemption Opportunities!

This is the best current way to find a hotel deal on premium suites!

Wyndham Rewards is an often overlooked gem of hotel rewards programs. While most chains use a varying points system Wyndham allows you book almost all properties at a flat rate of 15,000 points per night! We have compiled a list of our 15 favorite redemption opportunities including Presidential Suites, Royal Suites, and more.

To see the full list click the button below. Some of these will go quick.

Hyatt Centric Levent Istanbul Turkey C&P Deal -$30

The secret Hyatt Cash & Points sale strikes again. 

For awhile Hyatt has been offering unannounced discounts on the cash portion of many cash & points bookings. You can see our full list of past offers here. We can now add the Hyatt Centric Levent Istanbul to the list with an offer of $45+6000 points. This is a savings of $30 over the usual $75+6000. The hotels reviews are excellent and the location is good next to Levent Metro Station.

To book click the button below, enter your dates, and choose Hyatt. Right now we see the hotel deal discount on all the dates that have availability.