$25, $40, $85 back. Free Genius Program

Update: The $40 off $80 offer is back. continues to offer a great deal for cheap hotels. At the least you can get $65 back for booking any $80+ hotel by doing the below. As always please take to follow the incentive terms and conditions that are outlined in the faq

1st, sign up for $25 back (or 10% cash back) after first stay by registering an account. You want to sign up for the account using a $25 link first (whether ours or others,) as it will not stack otherwise with the offers below.

2nd, you are then allowed to earn 3 separate incentives per year. They are currently offering 4 separate cash back incentives that are worthwhile.

$25 for a $50 booking Seems dead.
$40 for a $80 booking  Seems dead.
$89 for a $265 booking Seems dead.
$40 for a $200 booking Still working

For each of the above you should see a banner along the bottom of the page showing the offer. There are various reports some accounts see the offers, some don’t. And sometimes people see different amounts. They may be pulling and restarting the offers or targeting specific accounts. So please take care. Screenshots are always a good idea and we can’t recommend booking if you don’t see the banner.

3rd, they have additional offers:
Lifemiles 20k promo (sign-up expired)
$150 for Review.
Free trial of Genius for 10% off

Our view: In the past they’ve had some great cash back per booking offers and we regularly feature deals here that are bookable at the site. While they don’t offer traditional coupons, they do offer a “Booking Genius” rewards program to their most frequent customers. To qualify you simply need 5 bookings in a year, and then you receive 10% off properties that have opted into the program. Less talked about, is that there is no minimum spend requirement for the five bookings. Currently, they are hosting “Genius Week” where you can opt-in to get the benefits of Genius without the 5 stays. So 10% off this week! If you are in or visiting an area with cheap hostels, it’s worth it to get the five stays as they will stack with these ongoing offers. You can do this for as cheap as $10 total for five stays at a prepaid non-refundable hotel.

Booking Genius For Free!