Update: In response to popularity it looks like Travelpony has changed terms so that new accounts only receive $35 free credit with a minimum. $200 spend. While they are still represent an excellent value over other booking websites the post below is now a little outdated.

Best current booking site for nearly free rooms in multiple cities? Best site for a refundable one-night booking at a 3 star in NY? Best price for a top-quality 5 Star hotel going for $300 elsewhere? Surprisingly, Travel Pony.

For a limited time Travel Pony is giving free booking credit, worth $35, towards any room on their site with no minimum spend required. You can earn additional credit for referring friends. They are also offering a deal – $50 off $200 booking – for readers of different blogs. Code is expired, they regularly release 10% off coupons or 25OFF currently gives $25 off a room though there is a minimum spend.

Extreme savings bottom-line: As shown in the screenshots below there are three ways to play this and all offer fantastic savings:
1: Nearly free budget rooms available in Naples, Vegas, Fort Worth and many other select cities for giving the site a try.
2: Great discount on mid-range properties like Holiday Inn Indigo in New York
3: Top quality properties like Ritz Carlton Berlin at up to 70% direct pricing.

Example: Ritz Carlton Berlin. February 17-18 you can get a refundable room including breakfast for $124 on Travel Pony vs. $336 direct on Ritzcarlton.com. How? Travel Pony offers an already discounted rate of $207 including tax, then subtract the $35 credit you get for signing up, and subtract a $50 off coupon (“KATE50” for spending $200).

If you are traveling with others you can refer them and extend your savings for a longer vacation. Otherwise, it’s worth doing at least once and checking prices afterward, as it does sometimes beat competitors. You win with cheap price and the site wins by showing off what it can offer to a new customer. We have seen this dynamic before. A new travel site or rewards program rolls out offering free credit to try their service and additional credit for getting your friends to do so. If history is any indication it won’t last long once word gets out. The offer will either end or the terms will be revised to require a higher minimum spend or stop you from stacking the credit with the coupon. Free and extreme discount rooms don’t last forever.

*Caveats: Every room I’ve seen offered is refundable, but often only until 72 hours before your stay. You may be giving up points and chain promotional credits so please take that into account when computing comparative value. They are only in certain cities and offer a limited number of hotels. Make sure to abide by the site terms and conditions. My referral link is included above because they only offer the $35 credit if you sign up using one. I believe the $50 off codes benefit other Travel Pony partners I don’t personally know. I don’t have one of those and don’t know of another way to get the benefit. Please replace my link with yours if you refer your own friends or family.



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