[Expired] Park Plaza Victoria London $20

Available only Feb 1-3 2015. Rooms range from $19 to $27. Non-refundable and flexible rate available. Search with 1 adult to see deal rates.


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16 Comments on [Expired] Park Plaza Victoria London $20

  1. Can’t search in Feb 2015 on easytobook…

    • Just click the “book” link I included above. I originally also included the actual site so people knew where “book” took them but I realize that may have just made it more confusing.

  2. Hmm doesn’t seem like you can search as far as February 2015 🙁

  3. Oh snap. I manually changed the dates on the url. Worked.

  4. wait is changing the dates manually considered a no-no by the booking site? Wouldn’t want to get in trouble … 🙁

  5. One more thought: does easytobook have a history of honoring or not honoring these deals? Any insight would be great, thanks so much!

    • I have no experience with them. If you booked the non-refundable I would wait to see if the OTA contacts you. If there are issues and you do not get anywhere then contact the hotel management directly. Often hotels are the party who has loaded the low and if so will often honor the advertised rate out of principle.

  6. I’m bangin’ my head here…can’t believe it, but I guess I am asking to be spoon fed on this. I have had no luck working the URL

  7. that should be spoonfed even more

    • The deal is dead now, but as said there was no need to manipulate the url as the “book” link in the original post took you directly to the site with everything already filled out.

      • In the excitement I failed to click on the link you had set up. In the future I’ll take a breath first and proceed more carefully! I hope this booking goes through, I’ve always wanted to visit London!

      • yep it did, didn’t see a note here that it was, so I thought I was overlooking something – thanks for the prompt reply

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