Hyatt Suites at Standard Point Rates!

Deal Details

Hyatt is currently offering premium rooms, suites and executive rooms, for the same number of points (or same Cash & Point rate) as a standard room. This is occurring at multiple properties. We will update this list as we find them. Please comment if you see similar deals at additional locations! Just because it is a better room does not necessarily make it a great deal. As always, if you do plan to stay at the particular property, you should compare the value to an all cash rate. You may also be interested in our ongoing compilation of Hyatt reduced Cash & Point deals, Hilton Suites at Standard Point Rates, and 35 Best IHG Redemption’s.

* indicates our picks for potentially great value and ** hot deals.

Current Offers

Hyatt House Chicago/Naperville/Warrenville: 2500 points + $50. One Bedroom Suite.
**Hyatt Place St. Petersburg Florida: 2500 points +$50. One Bedroom Suite. 700 sq ft.
*Hyatt House Washington DC/The Wharf: 4000 points + $55. One Bedroom Suite. 468 sq ft.
**Hyatt House Denver Airport: 4000 points + $55. Two Bedroom, Two Bathroom King Suite.
*Hyatt Place Houston-Northwest / Cy-Fair Texas: 4000 points + $55. One Bedroom Suite. 540 sq ft.
Hyatt House Bridgewater New Jersey: 8000 points. One Bedroom Conference Suite.
*Hyatt Place Pittsburgh South/Meadows Racetrack: 4000 points + $55. King One Bedroom Suite w Sofa Bed. 670 sq ft.
Hyatt House Pleasant Hill California: 4000 points + $55. King One Bedroom Suite.
*Hyatt Place Lubbock Texas: 4000 points + $55. King Bedroom Suite. 695 sq ft.
**Hyatt Place Chicago/Midway Airport: 4000 points + $55. King One Bedroom Suite with Sofa bed. 675 sq ft.
*Hyatt Place New York/Yonkers: 6000 points + $75. King One Bedroom Suite with Sofa bed. 388 sq ft.
Hyatt House Seattle/Downtown: 6000 points + $75. Two Queen Kitchen Suite.
**Hyatt House Miami Airport: 6000 points + $75. Two Bedroom, Two Bathroom Suite.
Hyatt House Boston/Waltham: 12000 points. One Bedroom Double-Double.

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Past Offers

Park Hyatt Goa Resort India: 15000 points. Park View Pool Suite. 85 sq m. & Park Lagoon Suite
Hyatt Place Chicago-South/University Medical Center: 8000 points. King One Bedroom Suite. 443 sq ft.
Hyatt Champaign/Urbana Illinois: 5000 points. King Suite. 750 sq ft.