Hotel Status Match Report 

Free With Sign-Up

Small Luxury Hotels SLH Inspired Hotel Status Match sign up for Mastercard holders. There is no verification that you actually have a Mastercard.

Hotel Status Match without Verification

Best Western Best Western Rewards Call 1 (800) 237-8483 Monday – Sunday: 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. Ask for a Status Match, tell them your competing program and level. Any High Status will yield Diamond or Diamond Elite.

Independent Collection IC Local: Contact: Request Status Match to IC Local Black.

Status Match with Verification of Competitor Status

Best Western Best Western Rewards Status Match Form  Or, you can contact with your account information and with proof or scan of any competitor card.

Carlson Rezidor Club Carlson Contact: with screenshot or other proof of competitor status. You can match to Gold Elite.

Choice Hotel Choice Privileges Contact: Send a copy of your membership card or account screenshot.

Dusit Hotels Dusit Gold Contact: Member Services Provide high status competitor membership card showing expiry date.

Preferred Hotels iPrefer: Contact: Provide screenshot of competitor status. They will upgrade you to elite.

Millennium & Copthorne Hotels My Millennium Contact: Attach screenshot of your memberships (including expiry date) for upgrade to a Premium Tier. They will not upgrade to the Elite Tier.

Sonesta TravelPass Contact: Send card or statement.

Voilà Hotels Voila Rewards Contact: with a scanned copy of elite-tier membership card or a screen capture of the qualifying program’s website displaying your elite-tier status.

Worldhotels Peakpoints Contact: They will give Gold status.

Status Match w Verification of Competitor Status+Proof of Upcoming Stay
If your ready to book with Amari or Thon these are an excellent deal. The Thon Hotels status is potentially GHA Discovery Black!

Amari Hotels & Resorts Onyx Rewards Match to Platinum: Contact: To match your hotel status they require you to have an upcoming stay already booked. Send in a photo of your membership card and your competitor membership card. Also include an overview of your account stating your name, points, and status.

Thon Hotels Thon Discovery Contact:
Send a picture of your membership level which also shows your name such as a screenshot of your profile or your membership card. Also include a copy of your Thon confirmation letter or reference number.

Status Match w Verification of Competitor Status+Proof of Stay with Competitor

Elite Hotels Elite Hotel Rewards Contact: Match up to Black Membership Level based on qualifying nights in Sweden. Send copy of your current member card showing your member status and the expiry date. Include your stay history for the past year.

Hilton Hotels Hilton Honors Status Match Application Match up to Diamond. Submit a .jpg photo of your competitor account and proof of a previous stay.

Offer Hotel Status Challenge for Accelerated Status & Match Between Them

Ritz Carlton-Marriott-Starwood SPG Priority Guest  Contact:

No Status Match- Benefit Given for Asking

Fairmont Hotels Fairmont President’s Club Contact: You can ask for a status match. They will decline but add an Electronic Room Upgrade Certificate to your account.

Merging Programs Offering Match
Accor Le Club Accor & Fairmont-Raffles-Swissôtel

Not Offering Hotel Status Match at This Time

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Introduction to Hotel Status Matching

Hotel loyalty programs reward customers for their business, creating immediate and future incentives for choosing them over competitors. A hotel status match is an easy way to access these loyalty benefits without the cost.

Most rewards programs are a combination of points and tiers. You earn points for each dollar spent or night stayed. These can be redeemed for rewards. Once you reach a certain threshold of dollars spent or nights stayed you attain elite status that entitles you to particular ongoing benefits. Most hotel loyalty programs use a progressive tier system. These multi-tier programs often require significant dollars spent or total hotel stays to reach the highest levels where they offer the most valuable amenities. This rewards the most loyal customers while offering a strong incentive for continued business.

A hotel status match is when a hotel loyalty program offers to let you “match” into their program based on your existing status in another program. This allows you to bypass their normal requirements in the hopes you will switch your ongoing business.

We strongly recommend taking advantage of free high status offers when they are available, even if you have no immediate trips in mind. There is nothing to lose and definite potential benefits. When you are ready to book a stay with your preferred site you may be able to do a hotel status match and add significant value to your trip.

For fans of the flash sales and steep discounts often featured on holding high status is especially useful. In the occasional cases where disputes have arisen with chains and booking sites, those with status tend to see better outcomes. There are even occasions where deals have been honored without question, but only for those with higher tier status.

Even if you are completely new to hotel loyalty rewards programs, with no record of stays with any chain, using the information above you can immediately gain these high tier status’s: SLH Inspired, H Hotels Gold, IC Black, and Best Western Diamond. You can then use those to status match with Club Carlson, iPrefer, Choice, Millennium, Worldhotels, Sonesta, Dusit, Voila, and others. Once you obtain one of these you can book a cheap stay and use that to match with Hilton Honors who requires competitor status with proof of competitor stay. Let us know if there are additional programs you would like us to track for next month!

Advanced Tricks

The following are tricks people do that we don’t necessarily recommend. While they do not involve creating any false documents they do fall in a bit of a grey area. At best they are not in line with the spirit of program offers and listed terms & conditions.

Getting Hilton Diamond without having any stays
The Hilton submission asks you to provide proof of a previous stay with the competitor you are attempting to match to. Some rewards programs display your past stays in such a way that it is not immediately apparent whether the stay was canceled or completed.

Perpetual Match and Re-Match of Linked Programs
From time to time loyalty programs have automated reciprocal agreements. This usually presents an interesting situation. Because your expiration dates will vary you can simply bounce status back and forth. Keeping your high tiers in both programs, in perpetuity by simply re-matching back as soon as the other status expires. For instance with Mlife and Hyatt.

Warning: Never Purchase Hotel Status From Auction Sites

When searching for hotel status match opportunities people often stumble across offers to buy status. On you will find dozens of these for a variety of programs. Here is an example of Hilton Diamond 90 day trials for sale for reference.

Never Purchase Hotel Status from Ebay

Sadly, thousands of consumers are taken advantage of by these schemes. Buying status online from people you do not know, who do not tell you what they are doing, is not safe! Please do not do this. Usually, sellers are using image manipulation programs to forge you a fake status and stay histories in competing programs, then submitting those as you. This violates the program t&c. If you are caught your account can be closed and your points forfeit. This could ruin your vacation depending on when it is discovered. If you are contacted by the Hotel loss prevention department you will have no idea what was even submitted on your behalf or how the match/status was attained.

The entire scheme is also entirely unnecessary, as we’ve shown you here how to get started with status matching yourself, legitimately, without the risk. With Hilton, for example, you could match to Best Western Diamond using the offers we list then pay for the single stay you need to submit the Hilton match. This is an entirely above board way to get what these sellers are offering. If you are ever feeling desperate enough to consider the ill advised route of paying strangers please reach out to us.