Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya $408

Deal Details

Historic luxury hotel in central Moscow. The Presidential Suite is now available on this rate alongside the Ambassador Suite.

  • Location: 3-minute walk from Komsomolskaya metro station
  • Includes Taxes & Fees: Yes
  • Room Type: Presidential Suite. 92 sq m/990 sq ft, complimentary WiFi, 3 rooms, living room, dining area, and meeting space for 4-6. Includes Executive lounge access, serving complimentary breakfast, drinks and snacks throughout the day and an open bar with alcoholic drinks in the evening.
  • TripAdvisor Review Rating: Excellent. #29 rated hotel in Moscow.
  • Our Deal Rating: Good Deal!
  • Likelihood to Sell Out Quickly: Moderate
  • Chain/Brand: Hilton
  • Available Dates at Advertised Rate: Many dates for this and the Ambassador Suite. Example: January & February 2019
  • Other Dates on Discount: Yes

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