[Expired] Best Western Pier Point Inn Florence Oregon $19

[Deal Expired] Available at $19 for at least the following dates, all Friday-Sundays in June.

Book:  Best Western Plus Pier Point on www.hotelscombined.com  Room and Conditions:  2 Queen Beds, Non-Smoking, River View, Oversized Room, Balcony, Microwave And Refrigerator, High Speed Internet Access, Full Breakfast. Prepaid and flexible rate available. Hotelclub and getaroom also have the rate available. I recommend going through to the BW site and choosing prepaid if you know you can make it.

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16 Comments on [Expired] Best Western Pier Point Inn Florence Oregon $19

  1. unable to replicate the deal

  2. Click on the HTC link I put to the property page. Enter June 6-7, 1 adult, you should see the click through. If you go to BW directly choose “more rooms” under either of the catagories and then scroll down to see it.

  3. It is working if you enter 1 adult.

  4. I thought about includeing the BW direct as well but there’s no link (that I can see) that will auto-include the expanded room options and I didn’t want to deal with a thousand “gone” “don’t see it” etc.

  5. HTC link worked for me. But when I try to go direct at bestwestern dot com, it doesn’t. I’m able to see this rate only on dconnect dot bestwestern dot com/(lots of parameters). How are you seeing this on bestwestern dot com?

    • Oh sorry.. Got it. The browser was re-settng dates. 🙂 Thank you so much for the hard work you do! We all really appreciate it!! 🙂

      • Np! I have 29 more to post tonight…. Some I found and some from friendly readers. This has the most availability. Glad to know some people book. There is nothing sadder than an unused awesome deal.

    • It is there if you go to bw search for florence and the hotel, check rates, you’ll see the “from $18” BUT you do need to click “see more rooms” For example on June 6-7 it is the 11th room option down under “internet only rates” Also available for the other types.

  6. waiting for other deals 🙂

  7. Whoa. I tried to book the rooms at $19.22/night (fully refundable) on getaroom. After I entered my credit card details and attempted to finalize my purchase, I received an error on the webpage that said “rate type not available”. I then tried two more times to book the room (3 attempts in total) and received the same error. Never received any hotel confirmation emails or anything. Now I look at my credit card and see that there are three charges pending from getaroom. Should I ask getaroom to email me my hotel confirmations or should I ask that the charges be removed? Luckily I took a screenshot of the cancellation policy showing fully refundable!

    • Ya, I marked expired even though I saw getaroom priced as I was unsure if they were going through. Often multiple identical charges will drop away if they are only showing pending/auth. I wouldn’t worry though. You can wait and see if you got the room then message to get rid of the duplicates. Worst case you can just dispute the charges with your CC company.

      • Wow, thanks for the quick reply. I’ll ask getaroom to forward me the hotel confirmation emails. Lets see what happens!

        • It is a good reminder for everyone why using a CC is often important. They really will go to bat for you if needed. Much more of a hassle if you use your bank debit card and there is a dispute over the legitimacy of charges or whether a room was refundable.

  8. You’re absolutely correct. It’s also important to take screenshots of the webpage showing both the rate and the cancellation policy.

  9. Awww no bueno. All my money will be returned to my credit card within 24 to 96 hours, per getaroom.

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