For Those Who Missed Out The 1st Time!
We are doing a smaller version of this: 24 deals in 24 hours

100 Deals in 100 Hours: Please Post in the comments when a deal dies! And for the quickest notice of our usual deals subscribe to our newsletter (right side of our front page) or our twitter feed.

-We have now concluded to focus on our regular deals. Thanks everybody! It’s been fun! We may repeat this same format next month.
–You may have noticed that the deals we listed are pretty well reviewed and mid-tier/+ properties. Tbh, we found quite a variety of rates at total dumps. We don’t view having an awful stay experience as a “deal” regardless of price so have chosen not to list those.
—We got a lot of questions: about finding good rates, how EHD determines what a deal is, booking practices, our preferred websites, fighting for compensation, etc. In the past we have considered doing a Reddit IAmA If that is something readers would participate in a reddit user familiar with the process should submit a request: We see in the comments below someone attempted to at ( but the submission lacked necessary details) If one is re-submitted and there is interest we will participate.


81: One last one! Park Hyatt Istanbul $29 December 29, 2014 (This Saturday) Available at: Search 1 adult.
80: Noviy Kovtcheg, Tvor Russia $14 December 29, 2015 Available at:
79: Bon Apart Tomsk Russia $7 January 6, 2015 Available at:
78: Quality Hotel Centre del Mon Perpignan France $19 January 27, 2015 Available at:
77: Buckingham Athletic Club Chicago $26 September 30, 2015 Available at:
76: Josephine Hotel Paris $29 December 29, 2015 Available at:
75: Globe& Cecil Lyon France $19 January 22, 2015 Available at:
74: ABode Exeter UK $19 February 12, 2015 Available at:
73: Hope Street Liverpool UK $19 June 13, 2015 Available at:
72:  Burns Fair&More Cologne, Germany $7 March 24, 25, 26 2015 Available at:
71: Abode Exeter The Royal Clarence UK $22 February 12, 2015 Available at:
70: Fairly Motor Lodge Napier New Zealand $29 October 26, 2015 2-bedroom executive suite. Available at:
69: Gamagori Classic Hotel Japan $12 January 19, 2015 Available at:
68: Landison Longjing Resort, Hangzhou China $19 February 20, 2015 Available at:
67: The Brudenell Hotel, Aldeburgh UK $25 March 3, 2015 Available at: Search 1 adult.
66: Palau Royal Resort, Palau $84 (why pay the usual $400+) March 28, 2015 Available at:
65: Pacific Harbor Lodge, Tairua New Zealand $19 August 23, 30. September 21. October 23. November 6. Available at:
64: Camelot Motor Inn, Hamilton New Zealand $12 May 3, 2015 Available at:
63: Ibis Sydney Olympic Park, Australia $15 January 22, 2015 Available at:
62: Sandman Suites Surrey-Guilford Canada $33 November 17, 2015 Available at:
61: Royal Highland Hotel, Inverness Scotland $29 September 2, 2015 Available at:
60: Flor Parks Barcelona Spain $12 April 8, 2015 Available at:
59: Altberlin Berlin Germany $13 October 22, 2015 Available at:
58: Quality Hotel Friends Solna Sweden $17 February 9, 2015 Available: at
57: Evdion Neoi Poroi Greece $10 October 1, 2015 Available at:
56: Aspect Park West Dublin Ireland $7 October 1, 2015 Available at: booking or a little more on
55: Best Western Plus De La Regate, Nantes France $15 August 3, 2015 Available at:
54: Gone! Pigalle Gothenburg Sweden $34 October 10, 2015 Available at
53: Hollman Beletage Vienna. $29 October 26, 2015 Available at: Search 1 adult.
52: Delta Waterfront Kingston Canada Junior Suite! $49 September 24, 2015 Available at:
51: Days Inn Orillia, Ontario Canada $18 October 19, 2015 Available at:
Made it to half our goal. We are going to keep going until we hit 100.
50: Diplomat Resort&Spa Hilton Curio Collection, Hollywood Florida October 11, 2015 $44 (rather than ~$375 ) Available at:
49: Marriott Fairfield Inn&Suites Buena Park/Disney North $9 January 20, 2015. Available at: Stay credit!
48: Best Western Orchard Suites Roseville California Executive Room! October 24, 2015 $13 Available at:
47: Gone! Inn on the Mile, Edinburgh UK $29 July 4, 2015 No idea about this rate but they have advertised it for months. Available at:
46: Gone! Hotel La Villa Promenade, Nice France $17 Executive room! November 7, 2015 Available at
45: Best Western de l’Arbois France $15 October 18, 2015 Available at
44:  Mercure Kikuoka Golf Club Hotel, Luxembourg $41 All of October 2015. Available at Is non-refundable but killer rate. 2 twin beds.
43: King Hotel Astana, Kazahkstan $8 January 2015 (Maybe other dates) Available at:
42: Gone!Achat Hotel Hotel Munich Sud, Germany $13 Most dates. January-November 2015 etc Available at
41: Marriott Renaissance Waverly, Atlanta $19 December 24, 2014 Direct at and everywhere else. Here’s a chance at stay credit for all you mattress runners.
40: Tivoli Hotel Copenhagen $15 October 4, 2015 Available at
39: Palafox, Zaragoza Spain $25 June 9, 2015 Available at
38: Radisson Plaza Saskatchewan Regina, Canada $14 January 4, 2015 Available at:
37: dos Zimbros, Sesimbra Spain $15 September 3, 2015 Available at:
36: Ayre Hotel Oviedo, Spain $10 August 11, 2015 Available at:
35: Grand Victoria, Loja Ecuador $15 February 17, 2015 Luxury Suite… Available at:
34: Best Western Posada Freeman Zona Dorada, Mexico $9 January 15-March 30, 2015 Available at:
33: Melia Roma Aurelia Antica, Italy $10 for a Friday night. February 13, 2015 Available: Direct at and everywhere else.
32: Ipanema Inn, Rio de Janeiro Brazil $23 January 2, 2015 90% off. Available at
31: Posada De La Aldea, Mexico $7 August 24 and September 29 Available at
30: Langley Resort Hotel Fort Royal Guadeloupe $14 January 6, 2015 Available at Search 1 adult.
29: Suite Colonial Santo Domingo $9 September 16, 2015 Available at
28: Pinnacle Hotel Whistler Canada $10 November 5, 2015 Available at
27: Days Inn High Level, Alberta Canada $10 March 1, 2015 Available at
26: Accent Inn Kamloops, BC Canada $10 June 6, 2015. Available at
25: Novotel Cairns Oasis, Australia $15 August 26, 2015 Resort room. Available at
24: Quality Suites D’Olive Receptions, Melbourne Australia $10 January 13, 2015 Available at
23: Dalecarlia, Tallberg Sweden. $13 October 4, 2015 Available at
-Gone! It’s not a mistake but since there are a lot of people checking this page… FT says the Orbitz visacheckout deal is back for $100 off any 2 night, promo eligible stay. Code: VISACHECKOUT You don’t need to use a visa. Good for close to free cheap hotels.
22: The Lambert Arms, UK $13 March 23, 2015 Available at
21: Best Western La Tour Notre Dame, Paris $21 July 16, 2015 Available at Search 1 adult.
20:  Gone! Crowne Plaza London Heathrow $17 June 7, 2015 Available at
19: Gone! The Ardmore Cliffhouse, Ireland $6 A mere 97% off normal rates 🙂 April 2, 2015 5 star luxury property. Available at
18: Lucentum, Alicante Spain $16 July 21, 2015 Available with seemingly all the booking sites as well as the direct hotel site.
17: Gone! The Driskill, Austin Texas (USA) $27 Saturday night stay. May 2, 2015 2 Available at: Curio Room
16: Gone! Confortel Bel art, Barcelona Spain $13 March 12, 2015 Available at:
15: Best Western Le Guilhem, Montpellier France $19 October 4, 2015 Grand Comfort Room. Available at
14: H10 Berlin Ku’damm $14 March 24, 2015 Available at
13: Clarion Hotel Prague Old Town $7 January 30, 2015 Available at
12: NH Berlin Kurfürstendamm, $14 March 23, 2015 Available at Search 1 adult.
11: Classic Harmonie Cologne Germany $7 March 30, 2015 Available at
10: Gone! (Closed for season) Tides Beach Club, Kennebunkport, Maine (USA) $6. 4 Star. All of November 2015.
9: Drayton Manor, Tamworth UK $28 March 30, 2015 It’s a freaking Manor in a family room with breakfast. We found it through where it’s also bookable.
8:  The White Horse Hotel& Brasserie, Romsey England $24 January 27, 2015 Available at
7: Mountain Lodge&Conference Center Flat Rock, North Carolina USA $22 January 20, 2015 Available at
6: Gone! Apollon Hotel, Kos Town Greece $14 June 23, 2015 Available at Maybe others. Search 1 adult.
5: Habitat Terrace, St Lucia Caribbean $10 June 25, 2015 Available at
4: Hilton Amsterdam Airport $17. Dec 9-11 Ok this is listed with our friends at roomertravel so I guess maybe we’re cheating here but come on, $17/night is stupid cheap. Someone’s got to be able to use this and it’s a sure thing guaranteed reservation.  (Note: We don’t get any benefit from the property link, it’s not a referral we just wanted to make it easy to find)
3: Hotel Miramonti, Reiti Italy $11 July 10, 2015 Available at Search 1 adult.
2: Amarante Champs-Elysees, Paris $33 November 2, 2015 Available at and
1: Gone! Hilton Garden Inn, Bakersfield California. $14! December 21-25, 30-1 Available at Maybe elsewhere

What We’re Doing:
We often find deals and choose not to advertise them because a reasonable person would assume they are actual mistakes, not just discounted rates. We thought it might be fun to publicize these as a kind of site challenge. So for the next 100 hours we will attempt to average a ‘deal an hour.’ That’s 100 total deals in ~4 days! No guarantees we can meet our goal but should be fun.

They will all be listed and updated on one single page: They will not go out in emails or twitter. There also will not be any set times; when we find one we’ll list it. If you want to help, post in the comments. Our preference would be these are all original finds rather than reposts from elsewhere.

We will only have the basic details without links or photos or long descriptions. Keep in mind that we have not investigated these rates. Booking is definitely a hotel lottery with lots of possible outcomes: the rates are honoured, they offer a compromise rate, the booking site offers compensation, you don’t know what will happen until you show up, they send you an email telling you to get lost!

Hotel rates are often a mystery. One day a property might have a $1/room flash sale and the next day unintentionally offer a $75 “mistake” rate they are mad at you for booking. A hotel can load its normal $100 rates on one booking site while elsewhere they offer the same rooms at $400 with no indication you are being ripped off for maximum rack rate. The whole process and comparison and terms are all very confusing and annoying… likely the reason they do it that way. For deal aficionados the opaque nature of hotel rates, as opposed to airfares which have become clearer and more uniform over time, is frustrating but also a bit exciting in its unpredictability. We have always viewed sites like ours as attempts to equalize the equation. The basic premise is that if hotels and booking sites want to play lots of games they should be held to the same standards they hold consumers to. If consumers so often lose due to the complexity, “terms,” inflexible “contracts,” etc., they should also sometimes win when the tables turn. So this page goes out to all you dice-rollers and dollar-room dreamers.

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